Congress is the Winner in Gujarat

Ashok GehlotCongress leader and AICC in charge for the state Ashok Gehlot on Monday said his party was the winner in Assembly elections even if it didn’t succeed in ousting the BJP in the state.

Congress fought honestly and  did a real election campaign and talked about the issues related to farmers, Dalits, tribals and traders. Congress has managed to bring down BJP’s majority. Many heavyweights of BJP including 4-5 ministers have lost in the elections.

Congress claims Two Independents who won support Congress+ and so does NCP so the Congress+ tally right now is 84 and BJP is 98-99.

Hardik Patel alleged that There has been tampering in EVMs in Surat,Rajkot and Ahmedabad, hence the gap is very less wherever tampering happened. EVMs are hackable.