Congress TV and Paper in Telangana soon

rp_Congress-Hand-Telugu_Square-300x293-300x293.jpegTPCC chairman Uttam Kumar Reddy announced that a TV and daily paper will be launched for the Congress party soon. He also urged that Every Congress activist should use social media.

He said the Congress bus tour will be launched soon across the state. He told the party workers not to be afraid of the TRS harassment. When Congress comes to power, they will answer every one.

He alleged that Only four have enjoyed the golden Telangana in the KCR government rule. Congress has lost elections in the 2014 elections due to the KCR’s rhetoric.

In 2019, He expressed the confidence that the Congress will win 90 seats in Telangana. He alleged that KCR is an incapable CM for not completing the filling of vacancies in last three and a half years. KCR rule has become a curse for farmers. Farmer Coordination Committees are nothing but TRS committees. KCR is uttering complete lies on power. KCR is exploiting on the name of the projects. Congress is not against the projects, it is against the exploitation of KCR, said Uttam.