Congress slams TDP and BJP over Polavaram

polavaramThe works of Polavaram Project is a multi-purpose irrigation project which has been accorded national project status by the union government and also dubbed as the lifeline for Andhra Pradesh comes for a halt with Union government order to stop the tender process for the spillway.

The Congress state president Raghu Veera Reddy slams at BJP and TDP over Polavaram. He said, “When Polavaram is a National project, why did Chandrababu request the Central govt that the state will build the Polavaram project?.Chandrababu has mortgaged the SCS demand just because he can get commissions from the contractors of Polavaram project. ”

He said, “Our government will execute the Polavaram project … let there be NO doubt about it” – Dr.Manmohan Singh, as PM on the floor of the Parliament.UPA govt declared Polavaram as a National project under Section 90. Chandrababu never spoke of Polavaram between 1996 and 2004 when he was CM. Now he is lying that completing Polavaram is his “dream”.

He added, “Polavaram is being stalled because TDP and BJP leaders have not been able to reach an agreement on sharing the money looted through commissions.The interest shown by TDP/BJP in removing Indira Gandhi’s name from Polavaram project is shameful “.