Congress reckless attitude towards Telangana issue

A lot of drama and sensation was happening among the media circles of Andhra Pradesh and the key reason for that was the important Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting which took place at Delhi. Many were declaring that a concrete decision would be taken on Telangana in that.

Even TRS head K Chandrasekhar Rao has been hanging around in Delhi trying to talk to the top league layers of the UPA government and putting his message through. But no one seemed to care really. The CWC meeting is completed and it is heard that not one word about Telangana was spoken.

When so many burning issues are currently shaking the UPA government how will they have time to create another special problem by separating a state into two. As of now, not one inch has moved regarding the T-issue but the September 30th Million March should give more clarity
Meanwhile, Vayalar Ravi speaking to media , Asked sarcastically What is Telangana? .  This shows Congress reckless attitude towards Telangana issue.