Congress leader’s brother behind Ramcharan incident

Latest buzz from political circles that, A top Congress R-leader’s master brain is behind Ram Charan’s attack episode with a fear that his chair might be taken away by Chiranjeevi.

Buzz says, The entire episode is planted by the R- leader’s brother, who own a media channel now.

Recently, Chiranjeevi received a grand response in Karnataka campaign and  gained a position in good books of Sonia Gandhi. Not only that , some of  AP minsters have became his followers including Botcha satyanarayana, Anam, Raghuveera Reddy and the R-leader could not digest  Chiranjeevi’s success and fame .

Thus, the R-leaders owned media , which was the only channel present at spot  zone, canned visuals of attack exclusively, this itself confirms the reports that the channel knew that  such type of incident would occur at that point of time.

The so called Victim, Phanish,  who claims himself as an ordinary person and has back off from complaining , but started giving interviews to media in following days to keep the heat going on and make it more sensational issue, thereby damaging Chiranjeevi image.

The reason for choosing Ramcharan is,  his temperament that too when his life partner is beside him. If Phanish tends to be an ordinary man, why did he provoke Charan by knocking the glass of the car where Upsana was sitting.

On the other hand, Chiranjeevi , who went personally and apologised Rajashekar and Jeevitha immediately when mega fans attacked them, is maintaining silence on this issue because he is aware of all the facts and the person who initiated this drama.

Print and electronic media known for their pathetic journalism , tries to highlight those issues which do have much concern and in-turn blackmail celebrities .

Overall, this R-leader is successful in damaging the name of Chiranjeevi family,  with his good relations in English media and some low credible Telugu media. But when this R-leader’s  name gets exposed in public his ‘Bangaru’ chair will be out of his site.