Congress’s ‘divide and rule’ policy is ready for Jagan !

According to sources, Congress has prepared a master plan to tackle YSRC chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy factor in coming days.

Jagan is already riding high with huge sentiment effect after his arrest by CBI in Jagan DA case. Congress has decided to implement two strategies in two regions of AP. This was decide by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi together at high level meeting taking confidence of senior leaders from other states, sources say.

In Telangana, Congress in a view to go for separation of Telangana and TRS party would be merged into Congress and thus Jagan will have no chance to show his sentiment,  if this happens.

In Andhra, Congress is planning to project Chiranjeevi as crisis manger and take help of other senior leaders to work untied to tackle Jagan in Andhra and the same strategy will be applied to Rayalaseema too. Chiranjeevi is already in good books of Sonia Gandhi by winning the two seats in by elections. The main reason for all these strategies is to win more for next Lok Sabha elections.