Congress dismiss BJP allegations on Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship

rahul-gandhi-citizenshipCongress party dismissed BJP leader Subramanian Swamy allegation over over the nationality of Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi.

Swamy released some documents that show Rahul Gandhi name was registered as a British citizen in the registration papers of Backops Limited, which was dissolved in 2009 and he demanded to strip Rahul’s Indian citizenship and Parliamentary membership.

Telangana Congress MP, Gutha Sukhender Reddy and TPCC Spokesperson G.Niranjan said, Since Rahul Gandhi was born in India , so there is no question of his British citizenship. They alleged that, BJP is making Rahul citizenship, an issue to divert the attention of people from the party’s defeat in Bihar. They said , Swamy has a habit of false propaganda to remain in headlines.