Complaint against those for posting fake pictures of Naidu’s new house

rp_Chander-Babu-Naidu-298x300-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-1-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300.jpgRumour Mongers lands in trouble for posting fake pictures of Chandrababu’s new house in Jubilee Hills, in Hyderabad.

TDP leaders met Vijayawada Commissioner of Police and lodged a complaint against rumour mongers, who have posted pictures of luxurious buildings on social media, stating it belongs to Chandrababu’s new house.

TDP suspects that YSRCP activists are involved in the act and urged an action against them . The rumourmonger posted Ambani’s patali house images ,stating that these images are of Chandrababu’s house. Several people have shared the images might also land in trouble.