Common Crush of Nandmuri & Mega Fans

Ever since shruti hasan gave priority to accept ‘Gabbar Singh’ by denying ‘Dammu,’ very next moment Nandmauri Fans expressed their anger. Luckily, her decision worked in favor and she is no more an ‘Iron Leg.’ Both Harish Shankar and Pawan Kalyan are rating her as a golden leg. May be that is the reason, Harish wanted to continue the lady luck of Shruti by making her act besides Junior NTR in his new project tentatively titled as ‘MLA.’ Of course, this resolution by Harish is also welcomed by Nandamuri Fans.

Never late than ever, Allu Arjun standing next to Pawan is also readying for a new film with Puri which will also have Shruti as heroine. So, this gorgeous lady will have to adjust dates between Nandamuri and Mega heroes from this year end or early 2013. Of course, she needs to be very cautious this time and does not repeat the clash of call sheets as what was witnessed between ‘GS’ and ‘Dammu.’ So, the latest and common crush for both Nandamuri and Mega Fans is shruti hasan.