CM’s big foot on ‘Liquor Syndicate’

CM Kiran is fast in changing plans to at least register some wins in the coming phase II of by-polls. These intitiavites are not to check the present ‘scamsters’ but to completely wipe off the ‘syndicate’ scene!

For your information, it is during TDP’s regime this money minting ‘Liquor Syndicate’ idea was injected. Earlier, licensed wine-shop holders used to buy stock directly from Liquor Companies like any other commodity and sell it for little profits. However, the syndicate-drama makes the Government buy stock from companies and they in turn supply it to wine-shops for whopping profits. For making the whole process smooth, the shops ensure bribes to excise officials and policemen and sell liquor at hiked price to fill their profit boxes.

Highly placed sources in the Government are saying that CM is reverting back to that old-idea, keeping politicians out of this scam-bound process. All this drama for ‘liquor’ is because it is the only department and wing that earns highest income for the state government, not less than 10,000 crores.