CM warns DL Ravindra Reddy

Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy for the first time came out openly on Monday to decry the damaging comments made by his own Minister D L Ravindra Reddy. He clearly indicated that D L Ravindra Reddy is on his way out, though not in so many words.

Speaking to reporters in Vizag, Kiran said that those members of Cabinet who cross the limits will face the music sooner than later. Indirectly referring to the sacked Minister P Shankar Rao, the CM said those who violated the discipline had received their just deserts in the past.

Saying that Congress Party is known to give a long rope to those who create a mess, Kiran warned that if they don’t fall in line, such people will face the music. “Tolerance has its limits and the party high command and myself will not keep quiet for long,” he remarked.

Kiran’s remarks are a clear indication that he is up in arms against D L Ravindra, who had made the most scathing attack against the CM yet. The CM reportedly sent all press clippings of DL’s outbursts against his own Chief Minister to the party leaders in Delhi.

The high command as well as Kiran are probably biding for the right time – which may be after the by-polls – to get rid of Ravindra Redy, who has turned out to be a rebel within the cabinet.