CM versus Jaipal Reddy !!

After Chiranjeevi’s camp, now it is the Jaipal Reddy’s camp’s turn to stake claim for the chief minister post in the state. As the Union minster’s camp is believing that the replacement of the present chief minister N Kirankumar Reddy is imminent, they are feeling that it is prudent to stake the claim.In a recent remark, a member of the Jaipal’s group has stated that chief minister would be shown the door soon after the end of the Parliament’s monsoon session. And the chief minister is trying hard to cling on the post till the end of the term.

 However, they are sure that the chief minister would not be spared and his replacement is almost certain. So they are eager to present their case to the party high command and are pushing the name of the Union Petroleum minister, for the chief minister post. Their argument is that Kiran did not have enough experience to deal with the government and is being misguided by various sections of the society. These leaders are also claiming that Kiran is a weak leader and could not cope up with the present conditions in the state.
While the CM’s group has slammed on Jaipal Reddy, Government Whip Jagga Reddy held a press meet said Jaipal Reddy should release a white paper about his efforts for the Telangana, Jaipal never supported the cause of Telangana, He always like to accompany with Andhra leaders , He always played with people of Telangana lives . He always done his dirty lobbying to sit on CM seat, and But CM Kiran Kumar reddy is working for 18 hours a day for the people .