CM Ramesh loses patience and shouts back on reporter

cmramesh1TDP MP CM Ramesh goes wild after losing his patience in front of media on cash for vote scam.

Reacting on the allegations,  mentioned by a reporter ( may be of 99  TV) of local channel over his involvement in the case that, He has withdrawn 50 lakhs from his account . CM Ramesh shouted back on the reporter and challenged that, if the reported media (Sakshi TV)  can prove that Rs 50 lakh have been withdrawn from his account, then he will resign, otherwise, YS Jagan should resign for telecasting the news.  He has also made funny remarks on Sakshi channel with a proverb. He then asked the reporter (who questioned him) to close down his channel if the allegations against him are proved wrong.

Earlier Sakshi Channel has reported about 50 lakhs withdraw from Ramesh’s account , an enthusiastic journalist has asked the same. Irritated Ramesh slammed at the reporter saying that “You should have some sense to telecast such false news and come again to ask the same question..How dare are you ?, Be careful !!”.