YSRCP attacks TRS in its bastion

The YSRCP members went on a rampage in Hanumakonda town on Tuesday by ransacking the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) district office in Warangal and tried to burn the office. Tension mounted as YSRCP activists tried to set the TDP office on fire. However, TRS activist foiled their attempts.

They were furious after TRS workers burnt the effigy of Konda Surekha of YSRCP yesterday for her comments on TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao. Konda Suirekha demanded KCR & his family to commit suicide and only after their death Telangana may be achieved.

The YSRCP activists set KCR’s effigy on fire in protest against yesterday’s incident. The high voltage drama began when TRS leaders gathered at party office after getting information of the attack.They Condemning the attack on the party office,TRS leader Eetala Rajender said , YSRCP gundas from Kadapa were brought for this attack, this attack is not on TRS but on whole Telangana people and people were aware of YSRC undemocratic actions and methods. They demanded the Kiran Kumar Reddy government to initiate an enquiry immediately and punish them otherwise TRS will take law in its hands. He further said TRS is not going to leave any one who involved in the attack

While, YSRCP leader Konda Surekha admitted that YSRCP attacked the TRS party for her as TRS burnt her effigy yesterday and to counter them YSRCP attacked the office. She said YSRC will continue its attack on TRS who lost support of people of Telangana and betrayed them . TRS is Rowdy party who attacked her for last two years and what wrong in counter attacking them.

Both these parties one with Rowdies and one with Gundas is shame for people of Andhra Pradesh.