Clarity on Pawan Kalyan’s Tantric pooja

rp_agyna-300x300.jpgCritic Mahesh Kathi who slammed at Pawan Kalyan at Somajiguda Press Club in Hyderabad, who questioned Tantric pooja which proved to be wrong now.

Kathi Mahesh went to TV9 studio where the TV channel investigated on the Tantric pooja and verified facts to Filmi Journo.

The TV channel disclosed the fact that A special pooja was at Dwarka Tirumala, Narasimha Swamy Temple during ‘Jalsa’ release time. Even actors like Mahesh Babu do perform such special pooja which is performed at night for best results. It’s a common thing. But calling it a tantric pooja is not at all correct.

While Kathi defended saying What was Poonam Kaur during the pooja? and said He has a video proof.