Cinema Chupista Mava Movie Review – Time Pass

Cinema Choopistha Mava

Movie : Cinema Chupista Mava
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Cast: Raj Tarun,Avika Gor, Rao Ramesh,Posani Krishna Murali,Saptagiri,Sampoornesh Babu, Krishna Bhagavan, Praveen, Jayalakshmi, Sathya, Sunny, T.Madhu, Madhavi, Rajitha and others.
Director: Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Producer: Bogadi Anji Reddy,Bekkam Venugopal,Rupesh D Gohil Rating: 2.5/5


Roadside Romeo Katti (Raj Tarun) gets attracted to Parineetha (Avika Gor) , who later accepts him and asks him to meet her father Somnath Chatterjee(Rao Ramesh), who works as Deputy Secretary at Medical Council of India.

Somnath posts a condition to Katti saying that the latter has to maintain Somnath’s family for one month. In the meantime Parineetha meets with an accident and Katti fails to meet the condition of maintaining the family and sacrifice his love.

While the doctors demand huge lump sum for Parineetha’s operation to be performed within 6 hours, to a shock specialist Doctor Posani refuses to operate as Somnath has slapped notices to his hospital earlier. Now, Katti enters the scene and blackmails Posani, How Katti blackmails ? it for yourself.

Raj tarun gave a splendid performance as inter fail guy , his expressions were natural and his dialogue delivery was similar to his last film. AVika was cute and her performance was interesting. Rao Ramesh was very interesting to watch in his role as Mava. Other characters like Posani , Krishna Bhagavan, Jayalakshmi were good.

The movie tends to be a outdated plot like Hero accepting challenge of heroine’s father , enters into their house without much twists . But the director was able to entertain the audience with young pair and senior actor Rao Ramesh’s performance. Trinadha Rao Nakkina has managed to make it as mass entertainer by fooling the heroine dad with dialogues and comedy.

Cinematography is good, screenplay is tight, Music by Sekhar Chandra was good , already chart buster. The first half goes around Hero Heroine love tack with comedy and the second half runs with challenge of the hero. Over all its a mass entertainer.

Time Pass !!