CID Report figures Mudragada as culprit in Tuni incident

mudragada-484884The Andhra Pradesh CID held Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham for Tuni incident where Agitators set fire to Ratnachal Express train at Tuni station in AP . A few railway staff were injured in the incident, when they tried to prevent the agitators, followed by other attacks in the town.

In the Tuni train violence incident CID has arrested some alleged violence perpetrators last night. It also held Mudragada for the violence . More than 100 people were figured as responsible for violence.

The Remand report said, Mudragada is the mastermind behind the incident, the leader deliberately provoked the people to take violence ,who came for the meeting . With the provoking statements of the Mudragada , some of the people turned agitators. Weapons, Petrol, Diesel were brought to the meeting with preplan.  Report say, some anti social elements were also involved in the incident.