CID arrested HIM member

Crime Investigation Department (CID) officials have arrested a woman who has acted as an agent to one John Prabhakar alias Malinga Prabhkar who started Heavenly International Mission(HIM) trust and cheated worth crores of rupees for the gullible public.

In a release here, the CID said Malinga Prabhakar had started HIM in the year 2006 at chennai with an intention to induce gullible public after they deposit money to the trust. He appointed various agents in Tamilnadu, as well as in Andhra pradesh to collect money from the public.

The scheme was that, if a person paid 10,500 as one intallment they would get Rs 3000 each in first two months and for next 9 months they will get Rs 6,000 each. If a person paid Rs 10,500, the person will get Rs 60,000 in 11 months. Similarly, if a person paid Rs 1000, he will get Rs 6,000 like that.