Chuttalabbayi Movie Review – Timepass

chuttalabbayiMovie :Chuttalabbayi
Director : Veerabhadram Chowdary
Producer : Venkat Talari, Ramu Talluri
Music Director : S. Thaman
Starring : Aadi, Namitha Pramod rating : 2.5/5


Babji (Aadi) works as a bank recovery agent ,knows very well as how to recover bad debts. While Kavya (Namitha Pramod) is ACP / Encounter specialist Abhimanyu Singh’s sister. Abhimanyu mistakes and gives warning to Babji finding him close to his sister , when there was no relationship between them atall. Later Kavya escape from her house , coincidentally she meets Babji. Police officials thinks that the couple got married and escaped. They chase the couple and Bajbi brings Kavya to his village. As time passes by, Kavya falls in love with Babji. when things are going smooth , one more gang is in search of Kavya, attack Babji and his family.

In the meantime, Dora Babu (Sai Kumar) men kidnaps the couple . Who is this Dorababu? How Babji inadvertently lands into danger ?… forms the story.

Aadi was okay in Babji role, he acted with a ease . Why the makers have roped Namitha Pramod? Glamour wise and Performance wise she gets below average marks. Prithvi is extremely good again. Sai kumar as Dorababu entertains. However there was no powerful sequences between Saikumar and Aadi. Abhimanyu Singh was not used properly.

Thaman has composed the songs are good technically. “Rabbah Rabbah ..” Beat impressive. Cameraman’s work brought richness to the film. Punches were more in dialogues .

Director Veerabhadram trusted in entertainment and prepared the story however he should had focused on the story. The plot of the film goes in a flat way without any twists . Ego Reddy (Prithvi) role brings giggles, Train sequences, Police chasing Ego Reddy , the manner he escapes were all written to generate comedy. By the end of first half with a twist , create expectations for the second half. But the film fails to live up to the expectations.

Saikumar house episodes looks dragging , the comedy in the second half doesn’t match the first half comedy. Even Climax episodes are not impressive as the film lacks a powerful villain . Over all , Chuttalabbayi is one film which has an interesting first half.