Choose between looters and servers

The TDP President Chandrababu Naidu’s road show in Ramchandrapuram was a resouding spectacular success .

Addressing huge crowds on Sunday He called upon them to choose between looters and servers during his road show in Ramachandrapuram constituency in support of Party candidate Chikkala Ramchandra Rao.

Naidu said while Rao, who was MLA for five times moved about on a two – wheeler, the YSRCP candidate Subhashchandra Bose roe in A/c cars and owned huge assets made out of exploiting tribals and bribes by selling home guard posts.

The Congress candidate Trimurthulu was a known aya ram and gaya ram and also involved in SC atrocities case . The TDP always strived to safeguard the dignity of Telugu people whereas the ruling Congress mortgaged it in the streets of Delhi, Naidu said.

Referring to the power problems encountered by farmers and others regularly, he recalled the days of his rule when no such power cut and his government had introduced power reforms which were now paying dividends to present rulers who were looting the power utility instead of delivering fruit sof development to the poor.

The TDP chief was sorry for the public plight who faced acute rise in prices of all essential commodities as well as fertilizers. Corruption had become bane of the state economy. Whereas a minister of congress had been jailed, similar was the fate of the very president of another party.

During his entire road show Naidu received unexpected and spontaneous response from the people throughout his journey in Gollapalem, Kajuluru, Kuyyeru and other places in the constituency.