Chitrangada Movie Review – Dragging

chitrangadaMovie: Chitrangada
Director : G. Ashok
Producer : Gangapatnam Sridhar
Music Director : V. Selvaganesh
Starring : Anjali Rating 2.5/5


Chitra (Anjali) complete her Ph.D. in psychology and joins as a professor in the college where she had studied. She has an attraction towards girls and behaves sincerely with them, She involves in ragging also.

Senior psychologist Shanmukha (Jayaprakash) tries to know the reasons for Chitra’s peculiar behavior. She informs that she dreams about a murder but Shanmukha rules out as trash. Chaitra knows that the murder took place in the USA. She goes to the US for treatment and gets treatment under the supervision of Neelakantha.

Chitra comes to know that Ravivarma (Deepak) was murdered in the US. Who is Ravi Varma? Who has murdered him? What is the relation between Chitra and Ravi Varma?


Anjali has done justice to the role of Chitra and her role as a male ghost. Not just the students but also the audience suspect that Chitra herself is influenced by the ghost in the hostel. Saptagiri-Sudhir comedy track is just okay. Deepak as the villain is good. Other characters Sindhu Tulani, Deepak, Raksha, Sakshi Gulati, and Jayaprakash are fine.


Technically movie is okay, the Balireddy cinematography is good in some scenes, Music is the big minus, The first half requires more editing.

Basically, this film is a thriller that discusses the next life, but the director chooses a commercial pattern by adding comedy to it. The film failed to thrill with these unnecessary elements. Director tried to project Anjali as a ghost. Although the director started narrating the story from the beginning, but the real drama begins in the second half. The movie don’t pick up the pace even Anjali lands in the US. Ravivarma’s role, his murder, and its investigation look interesting.

The climax also does not look convincing, Ravivarma ‘s soul revealing his character before itself is unconvincing. However, the director tried to blend the previous births with the element of revenge.


Dragging Horror Film