Chiru’s Hollywood film “ABHU – Theif Of Bagdad” with RamCharan


A true son is not the one who is a legal heir for his dad property , He who continues his fathers legecy and fulfill his fathers unfulfilled dreams and make the wish to reality, one such son is Ramcharan and the proud father is Chranjeevi.

Ramcharan with his second film Magadheera proved that he would continue his fathers legecy.And now he is in a mission to fulfill his fathers un satisfied dreams to come true by ABU – BAGDAD GAJADONGA Hollywood movie planed with chiranjeevi has shelved before 13 years due to financial reason, his role in the movie was a cowboy , shoot started but did not continue for a longer time and the movie was stopped. Now the same movie to be start with RAM CHARAN in 2013 middle wait for official announcement.

Ramcharan who already proved himself in Tollywood ,With Zanjeer he will prove in Bollywood, With  ABU – BAGDAD GAJADONGA he will show his mark in Hollywood ,what a son can do for his father.Definitely he is a GOD gifted son any father would like to have.