Chiranjeevi’s support to Rudhramadevi

chiru-rudramadeviWhen the entire Tollywood is just taking about Rajamouli’s Baahubali, A similar kind of film is being unnoticed even though it matches Baahubali in making and budget .

Its none other than director Gunasekhar’s Rudhramadevi, A period film based on Kakatiya dynasty of Warangal. Despite the star cast , budget and making par with Baahubali, Rudhramadevi lags behind Baahubali in marketing the film.

Rajamouli and Gunashekar are definitely creative directors of Tollywood, but Gunashekar is not smart as Rajamouli in marketing his film. His poor advertising skills might affect the revenues of the film.

It is all past, Mega family has extended its support for the film . Mega star Chiranjeevi to voice over for the Epic Drama . This would definitely create interest among mega fans to watch the film and with Allu Arjun’s presence as Gona Ganna Reddy, the movie is likely to get huge openings.