Chiranjeevi’s sensational comments against Congress

Mega star Chiranjeevi comments against Congress created tremors  among political circles today.

Chiranjeevi addressing party cadres in Ramachnadrapuram after winning 2 seats at Narsapuram and Ramchandrapuram by K.subbaraidu and T.Trimurtulu respectively who belong to PRP and were migrated to Congress after PRP merger into Congress,  Has said, Congress claims that sentiment for Jagan which was the reason for its loss is not at all True . If  sentiment had really worked then Jagan’s party should had swept away all the seats.

He said, The main reason for the loss is the Congress cadre. Congress cadre has not shown any interest in the election, Rather its PRP cadre’s hardwork which broght these 2 seats. Congress still treating PRP cadre as ‘Second Grade Citizens’ at grass root. And Congress big heads are in mind set that they will lose the 2014 elections . This thinking has to be changed  otherwise Congress has to face the  defeat .

This sudden development shocked everyone , The inner agenda of Chiranjeevi yet to be known ,whether he wants to bring back PRP again with Pawan Kalyan as star campainer  or He wants to send singnals to Congress High command not to blame him for the loss. Anyways one more new headache waiting for Congress in form of Chiranjeevi in future