Chiranjeevi Tagore’s List !! Top 10 rich men in Warangal who are BPL

Remember Chiranjeevi’s Tagore movie where the hero collects the information of  TOP 10 people in each sector .

Meet Warangal’s 10 richest who are Below Poverty Line (white ration card holders)

1. Mr Sudhakar highest bid of Rs 3.46cr for liquor licences .

2. Mr J. Raju of Srinivasa Wines in Nellutla bid for Rs 3.28 crore.

3. Mr T. Ratnakar, owner of Maruti Wines in Palakurthy bid for Rs 2.66 crore

4. Mr B. Ashok, owner of Manjira Wines of Hanamkonda Old Bus Depot bid for Rs 2.50 crore.

5. Mr Akuthota Madhu bid for Rs 2.39 crore

6. Mr Veeragoni Rajkumar of Sai Surya Wines who bid for Rs 2.35 crore

7. Mr Kolla Venkataiah of Tirumala Wines (Rs 2.31 crore)

8. Mr P. Ratnakar Reddy of Srilakshmi Narasimha Swamy Wines (Rs 2.20 crore)

9. Mr P. Vamshi (Kaushik Wines (Rs 2.17 crore)

10. Mr K. Nagesh of Parklane Wines (Rs 2.16 crore).