Chiranjeevi scolds mega fans calling them Stupid fellows

chiranjeeviThe common man who became a mega star with the blessing of his fans , starts scolding them for greeting him repeatedly.

Megastar Chiranjeevi lost his cool over his fans at the recent audio launch of Ramcharan’s Bruce Lee The Fighter . One of his fan repeatedly greeting the mega star by waving his hand and saying “Namaste Anna” .

Chiranjeevi, who was not in a good mood as his brother Pawan Kalyan didn’t turn up to the audio launch despite his personal invitation,  Took his anger over the mega fans. Chiranjeevi looked very irritated and shouted back at the fans calling them “Stupid Fellows”.  He questioned the fan as how many times he would wish ?

Later, He controlled his anger as media was following him , However a leaked video was uploaded on youtube , which is now creating sensation on social networking sites .