Chiranjeevi Remix song for Dharam Tej Rey

Becoming hero in the name of family background is not new in film industry and there comes this mega-cousin who is waiting for the mega-day. Though he is launched amidst fanfare, his movie is yet to release.

Mega-cousin Sai Dharam Tej is the man in news for his copying acts. He is said to be pulling inspiration from Mega Powerstar Ram Charan for his upcoming movie ‘Rey’. To enthrall his gigantic fan base, Charan is doing his third remix for the tinsel town with ‘Subaleka Raasukunna..’ song. To take the legacy of Megastar Chiru further, even Dharam Tej is doing something like that now.

Our sources revealed that for ‘Rey’, there will be remixed version of ‘Golimaar Maar Maar..’ song from Megastar’s mega hit ‘Donga’ movie. Even dance moves are said to be some tight and risky ones for this song, in the likes of Charan.

Maybe there will be a day, where all the songs of Chiru will get remixed finally by the Mega broadband including Charan, Arjun, Dharam Tej, Allu Sirish and Varun Tej.