Chiranjeevi remembers Punadi Rallu

Recently, megastar Chiranjeevi graced the audio launch of a Telugu movie “Harmones”. But Chiru made his way to the audio only after he was convinced that the film was a message-oriented one. The plot line of the “Harmones” makes him remember his yesteryear film “Punadi Rallu” film, which also has a similar script it seems.

“When Nayak (Producer) and Dr. Anand Islavat (Director) came to invite me, they gave a brief narration of the script and I was very impressed. Punadi Rallu has a theme where some youth migrate to the city to effect changes in the system and I can get a similar feel in this Harmones film too”, said Chiranjeevi.

“Just as how harmones are important for the body balance, youngsters’ services are indispensable for social balance”, adjoins the Congress party leader.