Chiranjeevi profound sympathy on Lakshmi Kanakala’s death

chiruActor Rajeev Kanakala’s mother and actress Lakshmi Devi passed away on Saturday at the age of 78. She had been suffering from health issues.

Lakshmi worked as a trainer at Madras Film Institute and mentored several actors including Chiranjeevi, Subhalekha Sudhakar and Suhasini.

Chiranjeevi has offered his most profound sympathy He stated, ‘I feel pleased to be the pupil of Lakshmi Devi Kanakala’, My profound sensitivity for the Kanakala family. This minute is a mournful minute for Telugu silver screen. She is my Saraswati Devi.

He included, How upbeat I feel to end up noticeably a most loved legend of many families, I feel a similar satisfaction to a state to be Lakshmi Devi’s student. Her lessons are the wellspring of my acting abilities, said the megastar.