Chiranjeevi dream for Ramcharan’s film

Producer Amit Mehra, son of the late Prakash Mehra, who produced and directed the original Zanjeer, is gearing up for the remake of his father’s larger-than-life film. In fact, he and the director of the new movie Apoorva Lakhia are excited about the promotional song that will feature Priyanka Chopra and Ram Charan Teja.

“Yes, we have a promotional song in the film which will be shot in January 2013. This is a special song with Priyanka and Ram Charan. But I want to clarify that we are not remixing any songs from the original version. It will be altogether a fresh song,” said Amit in an interview to a daily.

Ramcharan, Priyanka, Sunjay dutt, Sonu sood starrer Zanjeer turned out to be one of the prestigious projects of Bollywood, With Cherry’s Dad Chiranjeevi turned to be a union minister today and Movie makers need the help on Tourism ministry  in every aspect of movie making , Now all eyes on this movie how it performs at box office .  Even Chiranjeevi is very keen in making this movie a blockbuster  hit so that he can arrange a special show of his son’s film in Delhi for his cabinet colleagues .