Chennakesava Reddy 2 is Coming soon

Aim of a Tollywood Director is Satisfy Nandamuri Fans and Mega Fans. This is Not a Small Issue for Directors Now a Days. There are Directors Which Gives Rocking Hits to Both the Families. Rajamouli, Vinayak, Puri Jagannath and Srinu Vailtla these directors are very Intelligent They Make hits with Both the Familes and Satisfied Their Fans.
VV Vinayak is Most Experienced Director Among All those. He Directed All the Hero’s in both Families Expect Pawan. There is a Special Relationship Vinayak and Nandamuri Family. As per the Tollywood News VV Vinayak is Going to Direct Balakrishna After Cherry’s Moive. Bellamkonda Suresh is the Producer of the Movie.
Previous Chennakesava Reddy is Not a Block Buster For Balakrishna But Convinced Lot of Audience as a Hit. And No Words For Fans Talks. In that Movie VV Vinayak Showed Balakrishna with New Angle. If This Combination is Announced the Expectations for Starting Day Reaches the Crest.