Cheekati Raajyam Movie Review – Sleepless Thriller

Cheekati_Raajyam_Telugu_Square_ReviewDirector: Rajesh M Selva

Cast: Kamal Hassan, Trisha, Prakashraj, Kishore, Yugi Sethu, Madhu Shalini Rating: 3.25/5


CK Dhiwakar (Kamal Haasan) is a special police office with Narcotics Control Bureau, He is a very risky officer and puts his family in trouble with his risky operatuions. He along with his colleague Mani (yogi Sethu) snatch smuggled cocaine bag .

He has a son(Aman Abdullah) and wants to save him from the clutches of cocaine peddler . A nightclub Insomnia owner Vittal Rao (Prakash Rao) who is a drug dealer, kidnaps Dhiwakar’s son and demands the bag of cocaine as terms for his release. Dhiwakar is now desperate to return the drugs and free his son. But he lands into mess as he comes under the scanner of fellow officers Mallika (Trisha) and Kishore. How Dhiwakar saves his son? Why he snatche s the cocaine bag? How Mallika (Trisha) and her colleague create troubles for Dhiwakar ?


Kamal as Dhiwakar simply steals the show. Trisha is adequate with her performance and she acted with no-makeup and pulls off the action sequences. Prakash Raj needs no intro for his typical perfect antagonist. .Madhu Shalini, Kishore, Yuhi Sethu and Sampath Raj make their presence in their roles .


Cheekati Raajyam is a action thriller and can claim as one of the best in its genre. The action sequence between Kamal and Trisha in the kitchen was composed extraordinarily .

Right for the beginning to end , the movie will be exciting . However the second half is bit let down as the film lacks the gripping in the plot. The scenes that are added to suit the nativity of Telugu version are very slow and those sene did not help the film . The scene after climax seems to be unnecessary. Although the film has a short run time but some scenes were dragged .

There are no wow action episodes in the film . Revealing the villain prior is a big minus for the film although it is required for the film’s screenplay. The screenplay is pretty predictable . One more minus is Father scene sentiment & Kamal’s real mission is not clearly shown.

Cinematography is super with super visual and camera angles , Prem Naveen art direction is good the Insomnia  pub set is good. Ghibran’s music is one more highlight for the film , the BGM raises intensity of the scenes. Editing is good in first half. stunts are awesome and dialogues are good. Director Rajesh M selvan taking is good. He should have concentrated more on thrilling part.

Cheekati Rajyam is a different film which is lack of pace, no nail biting moments. However intriguing plot & good performances makes it a engaging film . Overall a well made “Sleepless Night”.


A Promising film