Check for Jagan in Seema !

Paritala Sreeramulu  was a popular naxalite who worked for poor people was killed by fractionist. His place was taken by Paritala Ravi who came out of Naxalite team and joined Telugu Deasam party on Sr.NTR’s request created a sensation not only in Ananthapur but in whole Rayalaseema.

In 2004, TDP lost its power and Ravi was killed, rumors that YS.Jagan was behind this murder. Now with Jagan’s wave in Rayalaseema, TDP has decided to launch Ravi son Paritala SreeRam into politics to give a strong competition YSRC in Anathapur at least. With no other hope for TDP, Sreeram looks as only hope .

By 2014, They are trying to project Sreeram as youth leader of Rayalaseema with mass leader image as his dad. For this they prepared aground work  Yesterday was Paritala Ravi birthday, they organized a public gathering and started an organization called “Yuvashakthi”, the aim to reach the youth and attend their problems. The leaders who visited this gathering said, they are looking Ravi in Sreeram and He will grow as his father and give a check to YSRC in seema. Ravi’s followers like chaman& poothula suresh are with Sreeram.