Charmee as Tara Chowdary in Oka Tara ?

Veteran producer Jayakrishna, who is making a controversial film Oka Tara about a disgruntled actress seeking revenge against society after being abused, has approached Charmee to play the lead role. The film has been loosely inspired by the infamous Tara Choudury episode. The actress, who has tasted success with female-centric movies like Mantra and Mangala, will hear the script soon.

“When we approached Charmee, she asked us to rethink our decision because some of her films like Kavya’s Diary had not done well. We wanted a highly talented actress for this role. She has to breathe life into the role of a village belle who comes to the city with a dream but ends up being exploited and abused and turns into an avenging angel. We will narrate the script to Charmee since she can do justice to this role,” said a source in the production house. The producer has roped in award-winning small screen director Giridhar to call the shots.

Jayakrishna said that the film has nothing to do with Tara Choudury and is not a sleazy flick. “It’s a path-breaking film depicting the plight of struggling actresses who have to compromise at every stage in this male-dominated industry and how they lose their innocence and start hating the society,” he said. This one’s going to be counted among notable films like Manavuri Pandavulu, Seetharamulu and Sravanti.