Charan and NTR can smoke freely

Government has banned smoking scenes for quite a time in Indian films with respect to an order from Central Government. Surprisingly government has withdrawn that notification now with effect from September 14th . The Union government on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that it would soon come out with a notification that would allow the film industry to incorporate smoking scenes with statutory warnings alongside.

With this decision Charan and NTR can smoke freely without any hesitation in their upcoming movies ‘Zanjeer’ and ‘Baadshah. Both the films would definitely have smoking scenes as the heroes characters demand these type of mannerism to elevate the character. Not only Charan or NTR many other movies will take smoking scenes without any hesitation from now by just following simple rules.

The new rules advise filmmakers to give a 20-second antismoking message as approved by the Ministry of Health — with a voice-over of one of the actors seen smoking in the film — to be displayed at the beginning and after the intermission for 15 seconds.