Chandravadan counters RGV’s satires on Drugs case

chandravadhan-rgvTelangana Excise Commissioner R.V. Chandravadan countered filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial comments on Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigation in Drugs case, that shock entire Tollywood.

Chandravandhan said RGV with his tweet has targetted Excise Department deleiivbately to demoralize the officials. There is no truth that Excise department has targeted the Film industry. Earlier in many cases, Excise department has proved its mettle by taking up many drug related cases.

Akun Sabharwal and his team are doing their duty with right spirit about making fun of it are not appreciable. Many Tollywood celebrities are in cooperating the department. It is not correct by making satirical comments on the inquiry.

Excise department is investigating the case as per Supre court guidelines and following the law. it is not correct to target the department in this crucial case.