Chandramuki sequel again !

The film Chandramuki  starring Superstar Rajinikanth and Nayantara created a major sensation. The reason for that is the subject of the film which was not only scary but also very interesting. After that, a Telugu version came starring Venkatesh but that didn’t really work.

But there is news coming from Chennai that director P Vasu who did ‘Chandramukhi’ is planning to do the sequel in Telugu. He has already done it in Kannada and named it as ‘Apta Rakshaka’. Now, it is time for the Tollywood version and there is news that Vasu is looking at Nagarjuna to don the lead.

Sources say this time, the dose of fear is going to be higher and there is a chance of having an element of paranormal force to make the concept more real. But Nag is yet to accept the project and it is heard that he is still to hear the narration from Vasu. Some of them think Nag is a good choice.