Chandrababu’s target on big picture!!

The By-Poll voting is done and all are eagerly waiting for the results to arrive on June 15th. More than the outcome of the voting, a major focus has been on the Telugu Desam Party. There are many who are predicting that TDP is reaching the final stages of its existence and will soon disappear.

But the man incharge has got an ace up his sleeve. We are talking about Chandrababu Naidu. While the By-Polls is considered as a precedent to the 2014 polls, CBN has nothing to lose. In fact, even a single seat won during this would be an added bonus. So, his strategy has been clear and precise.

Regarding By-Polls, his target was 5-6 seats and that is good enough for him. On the other hand, his focus has been on the 2014 elections. The outcome of these by-polls would serve as a reference point for him and it is heard that he has already prepared the post poll agenda for his workforce to start building the cadre from ground level within the next one year. His goal is winning the 2014 elections.