Chandrababu’s shocking statement on Call Money

naidu1Andhra Pradesh Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu made a statement on Call Money racket , in which the lenders demanded rates of interest was as high as 120 percent to 200 percent and women were terrorized into sexual exploitation for not repaying the amount on time. Its is clear that all the party leaders are involved in the racket.

Naidu said, His government would take stringent action all those who are involved in the racket . No body would be spared , no matter how big they are. Nirbhaya case would be slapped against those who have exploited the women borrowers.

He said , In 2010, the call money issue was taken up in assembly but the previous government lacked sincerity and no law was made . But his government to draft a law against the money lenders.

He said till now 181 persons were arrested in call money , out of the 65 persons belong to YSRCP, 20 persons belong TDP, 12 from Congress, 10+ from CPI & CPM,  4 from BJP and 2 from Lok Satta and rest of them are not associated with any political party.

He alleged that YSRCP is stalling the assembly proceedings , just to see that no discussion is taken up in the assembly as their party would be exposed .