Chandrababu’s government turning anti- Brahmin : IYR

IYR Krishna RaoThe Forum of Brahmin Communities has been criticized Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

Former government general secretary IVR Krishna Rao said that Its Naidu policy to make Brahmins abuse by Brahmins, Kapus by Kapus and Reddys by Reddys. There is no doubt in this regard that the government is functioning on caste basis. Removing Ramana Dikshitulu and giving him notice is disappointing, he said.

He said, Chandrababu’s government has turned anti-Brahmin, He expressed concern that the priests of small temples in AP will lose much due to such removals.E ven there is no information as who was the TTD officials behind demolishing of Tirumala Kitchen. Many leaders have warned such anti-Brahmins practices adopted by the AP government will become a curse for them. Chandrababu does not work for work but works for being seen doing work, which is not beneficial, “he said.