Chandrababu Sarkar interested in corruption : GVL

rp_gvl-narsinha-300x191.jpgBJP Rajya Sabha MP and senior BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao criticized Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Sarkar.

He said, In each project, TDP leaders are more interesting in personnel income through corruption than working for the state interests. The AP government is least interested in developing the state. That’s why people are going to distending them and It’s going to happen in ten months.

The TDP govt is giving contract to their closeaides leading to corrupt practices .Chandrababu Sarkar in the process looting when are in regime. While the BJP has done much to the state and will also do the needy to the state in future.

BJP senior leader including Purandeswari, Kanna Laxminarayana, GVL and Somu Veerraju met the BJP national president Amit Shah today.