Chandrababu responds to Nandi Awards Controversy

rp_naidu-special-package-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252.jpgAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu responded to the Nandi Awards controversy that has shaken the entire film industry for last few days.

This topic was discussed in the Strategic Committee meeting led by him. Chandrababu said he did not think that the Nandi Awards would become such a controversy. They used to give awards after IVRS survey. He expressed his dissatisfaction over linking every issue with caste.He said they have announced the awards based on Jury members decision.

Chandrababu said There is no need to acre about YSRCP leader Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Padayatra. People are also not caring about Jagan padayatra. There is no need to react to this issue. Even courts will ignore the cases filed by Jagan and YSRCP over ongoing development.