Chandrababu puts up one man show at Amaravati

12112205_636878269786907_2186233937821902942_nChief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu came with a one man show for Amaravati foundation laying ceremony , which went on peacefully and successfully.

CM Naidu right from receiving guest including Prime Minister Narendra Modi till the latter’s sendoff, kept himself engaged with the PM , apart monitoring every arrangements in honouring the special guests.

Hours before Modi’s arrival, Chandrababu Naidu participated in memorandum of understanding signing of Japan Bank for International Cooperation director general Noriko Nasu and AP Principal Secretary Finance P.V. Ramesh for which Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Yosuke Takagi was present.

After Amaravati event, Naidu followed the Prime Minster to Tirupati to inaugurate new terminal at Tirupati Airport and later accompanied the PM for Tirumala. The man at the age of 65+ is working hard as 30+ guy , spending more than 18 working hours , is really appreciable.