Chandrababu Naidu is nobody says Kavitha

rp_kavitha-300x185-1-300x185.jpg‘Who’s the Chandrababu Naidu… He is nobody’ says actress Kavitha who came out of the Telugu Desam Party.

Kavitha recently joined the AP BJP in the presence of the president, Vishakha MP Hari Babu, has made many allegations against TDP. She said that she did not come out of TDP voluntarily buts was pushed out.

There is no place for party workers in the Telugu Desam, but the posts were given to those who abused Chandrababu.
She also expressed her disappointment saying that she had worked hard to strengthen TDP during the difficult times and did not think that she would face insults in TDP.

Talking to a media interview recently, Kavita said that she has lashed on TDP chief Chanda Babu. NTR’s TDP has no comparison with the present party . ‘Who’s Chandrababu Naidu? .. He is Nobody’. Ministers who are also in Telugu Desam have no respect for women, especially the minister Achamnaidu. In the upcoming elections, she said that she would go to the people with the spirit of schemes introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and “TDP Hatao .. AP Bachao” slogan.