Chandrababu Naidu continues his fight on Modi govt

naiduAndhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu held a press meet in Delhi after the No confidence motion moved by TDP was lost in Lok Sabha.

Naidu said After 15 years, a first-time no-confidence motion was moved by opposition parties, we knew they have a majority, the motion was majority vs morality. We moved No Confidence Motion against the centre after all our efforts to seek the centre’s support failed. NDA govt has repeatedly neglected our State and its people’s sentiments. We will continue our fight.

He said It is very disappointing to see the country’s PM taking AP’s wishes and sentiments for granted. Rejecting our demands just because we do not have a majority shows the insensitivity of the PM against our State. The NDA government has proved once again that they don’t believe in democratic values.

Chandrababu said he went to Delhi many times and requested the centre to fulfil the assurances given at Tirupati and Nellore meetings. He has repeatedly appealed to the Prime Minister to fulfil the guarantees of the Partition Act. There were many guarantees during division but nothing was done. We have appealed to the central authorities several times. We have tried to get some money from the Center.

After four years, Chandrababu reiterated that the patience over Union ministry had gone away. The 14th Finance Commission member of the Economic Council T. Govindaravu had not recommended any such a recommendation over special category status. The centre said there would be no SCS state after 14th finance commission but it has extended SCS to 11 states. 18 assurances given to AP in the AP Reorganisation Act-2014 have been broken. PM is stating false issues to justify the injustice done to us. Truth is that neither the constitution nor Finance Commission have issues with granting Special Category Status to AP . We are fighting against the betrayal and conspiracy politics of the centre, said Naidu.