Chandrababu Naidu attacks Modi government in Delhi

rp_naidu-special-package-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252.jpgAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu attacks Narendra Modi led government at the center at Press Conference being held at Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg, New Delhi.

Speaking to media He said, “In my visit to Delhi I wanted to place before nation what is central govt doing and how was the bifurcation done. Isn’t it govt’s responsibility to see that all promises made on the floor of House are fulfilled, things laid down in the Bill are executed?.

I didn’t do all these things all of a sudden. My people were totally betrayed by the NDA government. I was fighting consistently but they have neglected our demands. Injustice has been done to Andhra Pradesh. NDA government has failed miserably. The BJP government backtracked on its promises to Andhra Pradesh” stated Naidu.

Naidu said, “When I am asking for Special status to AP,  BJP govt offering Special Assistance citing 14th finance commission’s recommendations. The centre is harassing the state by taking back 350 crore funds released to the state.BJP is doing false propaganda and is mudslinging when we are demanding for our right that was promised.”

He accused, The Central government is promoting tainted political parties. Some leaders who are A1 & A2 accused in CBI case are getting an entry in PMO.