Chandrababu loose his seriousness

From the last seven days they have created a ruckus in the assembly to have a debate about the ministers, who were served notices by Supreme Court. All of a sudden, they changed plates. What happened Babu?

Being a prime opposition to the ruling party, Telugudesam launched a stringent attack on the government and speaker to allow them talk about Ministers associated with Jagan’s illegal assets case. They have shouted relentlessly all these days demanding the resignation of those ministers who were served notices.

However, the assembly was adjourned for days by our Speaker. That’s it. Now that the by-polls are over, everyone expected TDP to intensify their stand on those tainted GOs, but things took a u-turn. Chandrababu just wanted 15 minutes to give his opinion about this entire ruckus and moved on to next topics. One will generally get a doubt whether TDP and Congress collided with each other to not raise any other issue till the polls are over. How can an opposition leader take a scam of one lakh crore rupees in a lighter vein? After letting the house didn’t run smoothly for seven days, how can Chandrababu loose his seriousness about the issue? Time for TDP to come with something real and believable!