Chandrababu key meeting with TDP MPs

rp_naidu-special-package-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-1-300x252-300x252.jpgThe next phase of the Budget Session of Parliament will be held from March 5, In this context, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu will convey a meeting with TDP MPs. The TDP parliamentary party meeting will be held at Grevens Hall in Nellaiyil’s residence at 11 am tomorrow. There is a possibility to discuss the strategy to be followed in the Parliament session.

The TDP government took the fight against injustice in the Union budget introduced in February. To put pressure on BJP govt, TDP has agitated in and Outside the Parliament. However, the budget was delayed because the budget meetings were postponed since the 5th session will be held again from 5th this year, there is a possibility to increase the pressure on the Center to achieve all the promises announced to the state as part of the bifurcation.

There is a possibility to discuss the topic in parliament the opposition YSRCP has already announced that it will move no-trust motion against the centre. The meeting of CM with TDP MPs will discuss how to proceed in the background.