Chandrababu calls for dharnas and rallies across Kadapa

rp_naidu-300x189-1-300x189.jpgThe Kadapa district is ready to fight against the decision taken by the central government for not being able to set up a steel factory.

The Chief Minister Chandrababu ordered party leaders to take up dharnas and rallies across Kadapa district. Chandrababu asked the people to defeat the YSRCP in by-elections. He also said that the MPs of the YCP are making resignations dramas because of defeat fear.

Chandrababu said that there will be severe opposition to the YCP which is having a secret alliance with BJP. He said It was a big mistake in 2014 allotting Tirupati parliament seat to the BJP. He has advised the leaders to actively engage with people to expose YCP’s conspiracy politics. With the support of Minorities, SCs and STs the strength of TDP has increased, said, Naidu.

Chandrababu has ordered MPs, MLAs and incharge to participate in the gram darshani and gram sabhas. He expressed confidence that TDP is going win Tirupati MP seat along with seven assembly constituencies in next elections