Chandrababu assures dismissal of Ministers if proved

jagan-chandra-babu-naidu1While YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan rocked the assembly with the word ” Insider Trading” and CM Chandrababu Naidu simply asked him the meaning of Insider Trading.

Naidu slammed Jagan for his double face attitude over Amaravati land issue. He said, For the first time in History , Farmers have given 33 thousand acres of land for a call given by the state government . Farmers had lot of faith on him and his government, but Jagan is trying to defame the state by making wild allegations over his government. He said, 54 thousand acres land is under control of AP government and there is no ‘Insider Trading’ in that land.

He demanded Jagan to place proofs without making false allegations against his ministers. He said, if Jagan has proofs that his ministers had binamies , he should place before assembly. Chandrababu assures dismissal of Ministers Narayana and pulla Rao if Jagan Proves Corruption and also said that Jagan should apologise if he can’t prove  .

He said, the assembly should only continue after the issue is resolved. He also said that there would not be any kind of inquiry on the capital land scam as alalged by Jagan and his media.